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About | Shuksy

About us


About Shuksy


As I flipped though the pages of Mishpacha, Ami, Hamodia etc., I noticed how many Jewish vendors there were throughout Israel who rely on selling their wares via email and telephone. As a marketer and web designer I felt that there was a significant need in our community.

There is a unique bond between “Chutznikim” and their bretheren in Israel. Truthfully, there is a unique bond in the religious Jewish community worldwide, but there is a special connection with those living in Israel. Those who have family in Israel know that there is a unique yearning – a deep connecction.

Many friends and family members abroad scour newspapers and magazines to find a way to send gifts to loved ones in Israerl. Whether baked goods, like cakes and cookies or birthday gifts and flowers. Shuksy, BE”H, aims to be THE #1 go-to destination to unite Israeli vendors and customers domestic and abroad. 

We look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs.

The Shuksy Team 

Send Something Special

…to someone special. Buy from trusted Jewish vendors throughout Israel

Safe, Secure and Trustworthy

Shuksy buyers and sellers are secured with top-of-the-line security.

Shop Independent Vendors

Buy directly from shops that specialize in what you love. Custom cakes? Jewelry? Buy from sellers who care.

Dedicated Support

Have questions? We’re here for you. ask@shul.co.il

Some Of Our Brands